Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Snowman & Rudolph Cupcakes!

Just call me Martha!  I made these easy cupcakes for my older son's holiday party at school. 

Here is the first batch almost complete, just have Rudolph's mouth left to put on.

Here is the second batch, my hubby even made a few. 
Can you guess which ones he made? 
 Another view.

Baking and making cute stuff is not really my thing, but when you have kids, you have to roll with it.  This was really easy to do and now I am looking forward to doing Valentines Day cupcakes for the kids. 

I just googled 'Christmas Cupcakes' and got hundred's of images for inspirations.  Baked normal cupcakes, iced them and then added candy, pretzels, cookies and frosting in tube to make faces.  Super fun and easy. Almost all ingredents were purchased from Coop.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Swiss Fun Friday Find - Chairs!

Just found these two matching wood vintage carved chairs for only 100 CHF here!

Check out the detail!  I would love to paint or have these stained black and place in my bedroom.  Someone please buy these before I do and get into trouble with the hubby!  Will post pictures of rooms using these chairs next week for inspiration.

Happy Weekend,

UPDATE:  Owner of the above chairs has just lowered the price to 70CHF for both chairs!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Need a Dinning Table Fast in Time for Holidays?

Here are my top 2 recreated table and chair picks in the VAUD area and it's a mix of Anibis, FLY, Ikea, plus a little DIY.

The inspiration picture #1:

 (Does anyone know the source for this picture?)

My table and chair picks:

With 4 to 6 of these chairs from for only 179CHF each.

Inspiration Picture #2:
 image via Lonny

My table and chair picks:
 This 2nd hand table from (don't look at chairs) for only 400 CHF

With these 6 second hand chairs from set for 400 CHF or less,
as this is with the dinning table.  So they might sell just chairs for less.  Either way anibis
has these chairs posted all over the place.

I would recover chairs with this IKEA fabric for only 8.95 a meter.
Easy DIY reupholstery job, just need staple gun and a good eye...

Happy Holidays,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Blanket Almost Done

...and then my sewing machine went on the fritz.  Argggg.  I am hosting a baby shower tomorrow evening for a good friend.  Now I am not going to be able to have this almost completed blanket ready in time.  So disappointed and mad at my machine.  Bad sewing machine.

Ok so previously I posted about these fabrics here that I purchased from this Etsy seller here.

 Michael Miller - Pretty Stripe

Halfmoon Butterfly in black

Then I did this to the two fabrics:
Then my sewing machine stop putting out.  Typical.

Why was I working on a baby blanket the day before the baby shower you ask. Ahh, it was because the minky fabric for the back of it just arrived this morning.  Will post picture of the finished product if my machine decides to starting working again.

Happy Thursday,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flatware Deals at Globus

Normally I do not buy household items at Globus, since they sell higher end items i.e. expensive stuff.  I just happen to need new flatware for Thanksgiving last week and was browsing at Globus for inspiration and came across these babies on a back endcap (hidden really) for more then half off! I picked up two boxes of these bad boys.

Swiss Sola Brand Flatware 24 pieces on sale for 119 CHF (Normally 249CHF) at Globus. Each piece was nice and heavy and very lovely in person. I don't know anything about SOLA brand, but I am starting to like it. I just threw it in the dishwashing machine and it turned out fine.  I am too lazy to wash any dishes by hand, thank you.

They have several different styles on sale until Dec 24th.  They actually have the same sale prices as Manor and Coop City for SOLA brand flatware, but Globus by far had the most chic selection of SOLA flatware.

Sorry I don't have a better picture, but here is half my table set for Thanksgiving last week.  I am a simple kind of girl, not into flowers or center pieces. Too much clutter makes me twitch.


Cold, Snow Go Away.

Yet another short and quick post, as I have a terrible cold
and well it's cold here and there is lots of snow.

 On a clear summer day if you rise up on your toes and tilt your
head to the left, you can see Lake Geneva from here...barely.

Miss you sunshine.

My boys. 

Seriously, who needs sand when you can shovel fluffy snow in the cold.

Unhappy Tueday,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

I am taking off for the American Thanksgiving holiday.  Will post again next week. Have busy day ahead of cooking pies and turkey all day while two toddlers run around playing i.e. screaming and making a huge mess.  I love my boys.  Then Friday I have a busy day of cleaning up from the mess on Thursday. Endless cycle.

Totally unrelated picture, but just had to share a picture of my little Twin's fan tiger.

Happy Thursday, gobble, gobble.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fauteuil, Pouf Wish List

I really would love some new furniture for my salon and these are my top picks from Pfister and Interio.  Prices range from 179 CHF to over 10,000 CHF, so most of these items are in my dreams.
I want two JAMES fauteuil at Interio for 1499 CHF each here.

Or two Tess fauteuil at Interio for 599 CHF each  here.

Or two (yeah right) Fritz Hansen fauteuil at Pfister (6900 - 10k) each here.
Or one Carrée2 Pouf for 2300 CHF at Pfister here.

Or one (most likely) Steg Tabouret at Pfister for only 179 CHF here.

If you are an Expat overseas,
almost happy turkey time!

Thank Goodness for Ikea

I need a 250 x (by at least) 300 cm rug ASAP to go under my dinning table!  My kids are pushing the dinning chairs all over our beautiful hardwood floors, not a good idea. We have tried the sticky pads to place under the chairs, they just get rubbed off from all the pushing. 

Below is one of the culprits and a glimpse of my dream Roche Bobois table (gift from my hubby) and plastic chairs in the background.

I have been looking every where for a tapis large enough go under my beautiful dinning table, no luck.  Finally broke down last week and went to Ikea.  It just so happens this is the only rug large enough and afforable enough I can find around here....thank God for Ikea. 
Image via Ikea here. 
It's only 399 CHF and it's 250 x 350 cm, the perfect size and price! Two more weeks until it arrives.  I just am worried about how this rough feeling Ikea rug is going to look laying next to my traditional lovely wool/silk rug we spent a small fortune. Hmmm don't really have a choice, so I going to say perfect!

Check out these rooms from Decor Pad that also are using this Ikea rug with style!

image via here

 image via here

Image via here.
Who knew an Ikea rug could be so chic. 
Just hope it looks okay in my salon/dinning room.


Faux Deer Head in Switzerland!

I previously posted about faux deer heads here.  I was looking through the Manor department store advertisement and look what I just found!

image via Manor

It's silver, it's pretty and it's only 99chf!!!  Woo Hoo!
Guess I just needed to wait for Christmas time
to start looking for my faux deer head in CH.

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bokja Furniture at Globus

Oh I just stumbled upon this beautiful patch work furniture called Bakja at Globus!

images via here from Globus

Love the vintage style furniture covered in these patches of fabric.

Happy Monday,

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Sneak Peak

Guess what DIY project I am working on right now using these items below:

 Then doing some of this....

 I have never taken a sewing class in my life. 
 This is so easy anyone can do it.
The finished pictures to be posted next week!

au revoir,

Zurich, Switzerland in Lonny

Check out the article about shopping in Zurich, CH in the online decorating magazine Lonny  here.

image via Lonny

Lausanne is just an hour and half away, will need to take a trip to Zurich soon!

Happy Weekend,

Swiss Barbie

I am Christmas shopping online for Barbie's for my niece in the states.  I could not resist the urge to see if I could find her a Swiss Barbie and I found several Swiss Barbies, just none in my price range.

Switzerland Barbie circa 1983 on Amazon here.

Swiss Barbie and Ken circa 1964 here.

I better just look at regular Barbie's....

Happy Shopping,

Swiss Fun Friday Find - WTF?

I was browsing through furniture items on and came across this:

It is some sort of paper mache statue to sit on your sofa.  I would love to see a design challenge with this decorative piece involved (this is me joking). Is the red purse made out of paper mache too? 

Would you purchase this as a decorative item in your salon to sit on your sofa? I am just at a serious loss for words.

Happy Friday,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a Quickie!

Sorry about lack of posts this week, have had a busy week.
Feeling a little like this right now....

(Picture I took while living in Amsterdam, years ago, of sign in window
 "Here Watches Hezemie" GRRRRR!)

Will give it a proper post tomorrow.
Doei (Bye in Dutch),

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ordering Affordable Fabric

Switzerland is an expensive place to live when just dealing with food and rent.  To think about having a hobby, it seems, is only for the very rich.

(Driving around Switzerland last winter 2009)

Having said that, I love to make baby blankets and baby sets as gifts for friends.  I went to three different fabric stores in Lausanne and looked at the prices for just plain cotton fabric by the meter and about fell over! I hid my purse and ran from the stores.

(Tag blanket I made for my nephew a while back)

I also went to IKEA and while the prices were okay, the fabric selection was blah, plus it looked and felt liked IKEA fabric.  So I started looking at websites from every where and then started to look on

I found this Esty seller with a super cute collection of cotton fabrics at great prices, plus she will ship up to 8 yards of cotton fabric in a flat rate envelope from the USA to Switzerland for only $13.00 USD.

I just ordered these three fabrics for my next project on Friday and they just arrived this morning!  Very fast delivery!

If in Switzerland, I highly recommend
ordering affordable fabric from
I received great and prompt service.

Play TIME!

Wow, what is going on with this weather. It's been raining, raining and raining for days.  I take the boys to the indoor play zone called Kidspace in Lausanne and then the sun comes out.  Classic.

My little guy playing in the ball pit.
He loved it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Brass Nesting Tables

Ok promise this will be my last post about brass tables.  We might be moving back to states next year and so I am trying to figure out furniture shopping state side. Was looking at C&B sofas and some how ended up on the tables and came across this:

image via Crate & Barrell - brass nesting tables, retails for $399.00 USD

Looks similar to these three nesting tables I
posted about here from for only 120 chf.

The flash from the camera makes these tables look super gold.
I bet they look much better in person.
Shall I wait until I am in the US or should I buy them here?
To buy or not to buy?  Hmmmm...