Friday, May 20, 2011

Moi Chaussures

Okay, so last fall I put all my spring/summer sandles in a garbage bag.  Next I placed this bag of shoe treasures by our front door for my hubby to place in our cave for safe keeping.  Oh I had some fabulous comfortable Born and BCBG wedge sandles in this bag that I had just brought back from the US from our holiday last summer. I had not even had a chance to wear most of them.
image via here

This same day we were also using these same black garbage bags to put unwanted clothing and shoes in to be donated.  Can you see where this is going?

Low and behold I have been searching for this bag of lovely shoes for over a month now since the weather has been so warm this spring in Lausanne.  I finally broke down and paid our babyitter to come by during the afternoon and watch the kids for FOUR hours while I tore our cave apart trying to find my bag of beautiful summer wedges.

image via me - my kidos

The cave is now cleaned out, but still no bag of shoes to be found, BUT I did find an old bag of clothes that were suppose to be donated last fall. 

Now hubby is away on business and guess what he is bringing me back this weekend!

These COACH black wedges! Woo Hoo!
image via here

It is only one pair of shoes, but a fabulous comfortable pair and it matches one of my bags!  Always an upside to things!

I am keeping my eye out for someone wearing my 'accidentally donated' NEW wedge sandles around Lausanne!

Found Something Cheaper in Swissyland then in USA!

Ok this has nothing to do about decorating, but as I was at Toys-R-Us in Switzerland yesterday stocking up on diapers and baby wipes (seriously best prices on name brand diapers and wipes) and my two year old started going nuts for this this German brand toy, BIG - Bobby Quad car.

image via here

They have all kinds of models at Toys-R-Us here ranging in price from 59CHF to 98CHF, which I thought was very expensive and had to drag my two year old away from the car. 

I come home to search to see how much cheaper the car ride on toy might be in the USA and was shock to see it was outrageously expensive in the USA.  Just do an Amazon search!  Price ranges from $238.00 to $298.00 US dollars for this brand of ride on toys!

Next week I am going back to buy my two year one of these and they sell so many nifty accessories, which ones to buy!  Think I more excited about it then my son will be.  Will post a pick next week!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grange - Comfort Lit Furniture Store in Lausanne

My friend just advised me of another good furniture store in Lausanne called Grange - Comfort Lit.  It's just up the road from Flon.

Their address and phone number is:

Rue St-Martin 34, 1005 Lausanne
Tel. 021/323 30 44

I am going there tomorrow to check it out.  Here are some pictures from their online site.  It seems they sell mostly traditional, classic and antique looking pieces. 

all images via here check out their site, a great selection of furniture!

Lausanne Chic Furniture Store

I previously posted about this furniture store, Anna L'art de vivre, here.  I am not being endorsed by them in anyway, I just love their furniture and nic naks.  This is where I also got my side table last year that I posted about here.

I am currently helping a friend decorate her flat and I went to my favorite place Anna's in Lausanne to check out the furniture in stock.  It's located at:

Rue du Grand-Pont 8

CH-1003 Lausanne

Tél. +41 21 647 76 69

The manager there speaks English and was so kind to let me take a few photos of some pieces that I really like in his store.

 What a fab chrome and black leather side chair!  Think it was less then 500CHF.

 This bad picture makes the sofa look brown, it's actually a more vibrant color in person.  Very comfortable and clean lines, I would love this in black!  Just need to get rid of all those pillows!

 You can choose any color leather or cloth to cover this sofa.  I even tried to scratch the leather to see how kid friendly it was, let me tell you, it's very kid friendly!  Could not make a mark on it.

 Best thing yet about this sofa is the price!  Only 3,990.00 CHF, which if you live in Switzerland, know this is a steal for a quality leather Italian sofa purchase here in this area.  Normally quality sofa's sell for 6,000CHF or more around these parts.

My friend snagged two of these tri-pod floor lamps at Anna's.  
The lamps have velvety feeling black shades. Very chic.  

 Again sorry for the bad quality of images, need to remember to bring an actual camera next time and not just my phone.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Which Bag and Shoe Combo to Choose?

If you were going to wear this beautiful Monsoon evening dress to a wedding, which shoes and bag would you choose to wear from

I am trying to help a friend pick out shoes and a bag to wear to a summer wedding. 
  • The first look is safe and classic to me, can't go wrong with this combo. 
  • The second look with the coral shoes and bag are so chic and hip, love this look.  It screams 'style'!
  • The third look with the black bag seems more sophisticated and sexy, great for an evening wedding. 
  • The fourth look is more summery and light feeling with the light shoe and bag. Perfect for a summer day wedding.
Which one would you choose?

UPDATE:  I added one more color combo of lilac to the choices, as my friend loved the idea of the splash of color with the dress, but felt the coral was a bit too bright.  The coral is a very warm color to wear with the grey dress and really stands out.  So I tried the dress with a pop of color in the cool family and think it's just the right amount of color, but not too bright.  She just ordered the lilac shoes and bag from Monsoon.  Can't wait till she has the entire outfit all put together.  Here is a peak below.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maison Francaise Mag

Loving the issue of Maison Francaise magazine.

Trying to locate this beautiful grey modern sofa in the magazine for a friends home I am helping decorate.

UPDATE: Found the sofa online here.

And I am loving these rooms also from the same April/May issue.

Love the mix of brass sunburst mirrors, lucite concole and cool blue colors in this room! The silver lamp so rocks too!  What a beautiful mix of items!

I really love color, wish I had some more of it in my home. Love this decor magazine, they always have such fabulous ideas!  Sorry for the bad photos, have not had time to use a real camera.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Dream Ring

I will have been married to Mr. Hubby Man 9 years this summer and he always promised to buy me the ring of my dreams for our 10 year anniversary.  I like to plan ahead.  So just wanted to share the ring of my dreams, which will stay a dream as it is so expensive, it's just never going to be seen on this ring finger.

You can buy it here.

It is soooo me, this ring, 5ct of white and real black diamonds on a really thick eternity band.  I love it so much.

Sorry have not had a chance to finish covering the big a** ottoman/day bed thing in my salon yet. Ran out of tacks and have not had a chance to get more. This week has been hectic for me, busy 24/7.

Will post again next week!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Second Project of the Day

.... Is almost complete!  Click here to see what it looked liked before.

I took a square piece of fabric and placed over the stool and started to tac into place.

I then folded down the corners and tacked those into place as well. Easy stuff.

I cut the excess fabric and then used a product to seal the cut part so the fabric would not fray.

Next I used my curved upholstery needle on the folded part of the fabric to make it flush against the seat part.

Here is my almost finished vintage stool (another find from last year) just need to pick up some trim to place around bottom to hide the tacks.

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Happy Mother's Day!

This is how I spent my day and I enjoyed every relaxing minute of it.  Click here for a peek of what it looked liked before (was not loving the wood legs, I know my hubby thinks I am crazy).

I prepped the legs of this day bed or should I call it a huge a** ottoman? It's as big as my sofa!

Then I used paint primer.

First coat of black paint going on.

And the finished product! Love the black finish with the brass!

Stay tuned as I will be putting a new Designer Guild fabric on it tomorrow!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Help! Can't decide....

...which Designer Guild fabric to use to recover this piece of furniture.

I just finished ripping all the nail heads, staples and ugly fabric off of it. This was an find from last year.

I just got hooked up with these two Designer Guild fabrics...

And this one!

Which one to choose, I love them both!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011


I feel like dancing... In these shoes that are half a size too small. Grey, cute and cheap! Got them from Vogel Shoes in Lausanne, only place I could find sexy shoes close to my size.

Who knew shoe shopping in Lausanne was so difficult!

Oh and that is my bedskirt, in the background, that I made with black velvet ribbon I got for a steal at Globus a few months ago.

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