Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feeling Kinda Blue....

...about moving from our flat we have been in for the past 4 years.  We have to be out in 4 weeks and have had zero luck finding a new place to live for the moment.  Totally not stressed.  No really I am freaking out! Trying to find another awesome huge flat in Lausanne is like impossible.

So I went shopping, with the hubby's okay of course.  I saw this yellow rug at Ikea for my office!  Not sure if I will have an office at the next place we will call home, but rugs you can take with you anywhere.

 My youngest son loves this rug!  Would not stop laying on it.

Rug via Ikea.

My cure for feeling blue, is adding a little sunshine/yellow to your life/room.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ikea Rug Frustration

Many, many moons ago I wrote about the Ikea Stockholm rug here.  I needed a huge and affordable rug to go under my big a** dinning table here in Swissyland. 

Affordable and Swissyland normally do not go together, but I found a large rug at Ikea (250 x 350cm) for only 399CHF!  Really good deal to me.

image via here

Is it the softest and most beautiful rug ever?   No, it's really rough actually. 

Is it large enough to cover all 9feet by 3 feet under my dinning table and then some? Yes. 

Will it keep the chairs from scratching the floor?  Yes.

Have I been trying to buy this rug since November 2010?  YES!!!

Ikea is teasing me.  Everytime they show it's in stock, I show up and they just sold the last 250 x 350 size rug.

Seriously does every household in VAUD have this rug in their home?  How can this rug be sold out every single month?

My poor wooded floors that will no longer be ours in 4 more weeks, I tried, I am sorry but you are kind of strached up now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Quinny Buzz, How I will miss you.....

I just sold my apple green Quinny Buzz I purchased five years ago in Amsterdam and I am feeling kind of sad.  Is this normal?  As I was showing the super cute new to be parents the stroller and all it's gadgets, I was thinking of seeing my kids as infants in the Dreami Cot and how cute they were....

I think the couple could feel I was sad and joked about sending me pictures.  At least the stroller is going to a good home.

Good bye Quinny Buzz, it was lovely while it lasted!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Sorry Charlie....

...for the major lack of posts.  We were moving to Minnesota this July and now we are staying in Switzerland.  My life is like a yo-yo, up and down and all around.
image via here

We terminated our current flat lease in Feb and now have to move out by July 31st.  It's not possible to get our lease extended either, our flat has been sold and has new owners moving into it August 2nd.

Where the heck are we going to find an equally awesome new place in Lausanne to live on such short notice?  Where are my kids suppose to go to school.  Ahhhhhhh!

Just a little busy at the moment.

Please excuse while I take a little break from home decor.